Pancakes,     French Toast,    and Waffles

Pancakes, French Toast, and Waffles

Scrumptious Combo:

Two Banana & Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Covered with Powdered Sugar & Whipped Cream. $12.95

Apple Pancake Delight:

Two Large Pancakes filled with Cinnamon Apple Compote, served with Whipped Cream. $10.95

Potato Pancakes:

Three Crispy Potato Pancakes served with Fresh Fruit & Choice of Sour Cream or Apple Sauce. $12.95


Four Half Pieces of our Thick French Toast or a Large Belgian Waffle Served with Two Eggs, Three Strips of Bacon or Two Large Sausages. $13.95 Topped with Fresh Fruit & Whipped Cream: $4.00 Extra


Filled with Cooked Apples & Cinnamon or Fresh Strawberries encased in Three Crepes. Sprinkled with Powered Sugar & Topped with Whipped Cream. $12.95

Cheese Blintzes:

Three Egg Crepes Cooked to a Golden Brown, Filled with Ricotta Cheese. Served with Sour Cream, a Variety of Preserves & Fresh Fruit. $12.95

Fresh Strawberry Belgian Waffle:

Crowned with a Light Fluffy Whipped Topping. $10.95

Four (4) Half pieces of French Toast:

Served with Fresh Strawberries or Blueberries & Whipped Cream. $12.95

Six (6) Half Pieces of Thick Fluffy French Toast, Served with Butter & Syrup: $7.95

Plain Waffle or Belgian Waffle: $6.95

 Pecan Waffle with Pecans Inside & on Top: $10.95

Bacon Waffle with Bacon Inside & on Top: $10.95

Granola & Raisin Waffle Inside & on Top: $9.95

Old fashion Buttermilk Pancakes (3 Large): $6.95

Oat Bran Pancakes (3 Large): $6.95

Buckwheat Pancakes (3 Large): $6.95

Non-Fat 7 Grain Pancakes (3 Large): $6.95

Choice of Additional Items:

Strawberries, Peaches (in Season) Blueberries, Chocolate Chips, Pecans (Inside & on Top) Bananas with Whipped Cream: $4.00

Peanut Butter .75 Cents

Breakfast Specials

Breakfast Specials

Our Everyday Special:

2 Large Pancakes, 2 Eggs, 3 Strips of Bacon or 2 Large Sausages. Add All Fruit Pancakes Topped with Whipped Cream. $12.95

Large Chicken Fried Steak:

Smothered with our own Homemade Gravy, 2 Eggs, Potatoes, Biscuits & Gravy. $13.95

Huevos Rancheros:

Served with 3 Eggs, Covered with our Homemade Salsa, & Our Own Refried Beans, Rice, & Flour Tortillas. $14.95


2 Large Buttermilk Biscuits wrapped around 2 juicy 2 oz. Club Sausages, Served with Eggs. $12.95

Spicy Chorizo Fried with 3 Scrambled Eggs:

Served with Our Own Refried Beans, Rice, Homemade Salsa & Flour Tortillas. Extra Large Portion! $15.95

Our Big Skillet Scramble:

Ground Beef, Cheese, Onions, Mushrooms & Potatoes. Served with Toast or Biscuits & Gravy. $15.95

Pancake Cottage McMuffin:

2 Fried Eggs, Bacon & Cheese on an English Muffin. Served with our own Famous Potatoes. $12.95

Eggs Benedict:

Canadian Style Bacon with two Poached Eggs on an English Muffin, Topped with Hollandaise Sauce, Served with our Famous Potatoes. $13.95

Eggs Florentine:

2 Poached Eggs on an English Muffin with Spinach, Topped with Hollandaise Sauce, Served with our Famous Potatoes. $13.95

Two Large Juicy Pork Chops and 2 Eggs: $15.95

 Diced Lox, Scrambled with 3 Eggs & Chopped Onions$15.95

Tender Slices of Corned Beef with 2 Eggs: $14.95

Corned Beef Hash served with 2 Eggs any way you like: $14.95

Generous Portions of Chopped Ham and 3 Scrambled Eggs with Diced Onions: $14.95

Spicy Portuguese Style Sausage Sliced and Grilled with 2 Eggs: $13.95

Canadian Style Bacon (3 Large Slices) and 2 Eggs: $13.95

Large Boneless Ham Steak and 2 Eggs: $13.95

Two Polish Sausages served with 2 Eggs: $13.95

Half Pound Burger Patty served with 2 Eggs: $13.95

Two Large Sausages served with 2 Eggs: $12.95

Four Slices of Bacon served with 2 Eggs: $12.95

Two Eggs Fried, Up, Over, Scrambled, Basted or Poached: $10.95

We also offer Children’s and Senior Plates



Extra Large Fajita Omelette:

Three (3) Large Eggs with Tender Pieces of White Chicken or Shrimp Sauteed with Onions, served with Rice, Refried Beans & Homemade Salsa, with Flour Tortillas. Chicken: $15.95  Shrimp: $17.95

Our Famous “Chef’s Mess” Omelette:

Includes Bacon, Sausage, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, American Cheese, Jack Cheese, Onions, Bell Peppers. Plus a Biscuit & Gravy or Toast & Our Famous Potatoes. 6 Eggs for One Person: $22.00 – 10 Eggs for Two People: $30.00 – 14 Eggs for Three People: $38.00

Special Omelettes, 3 Large Eggs served with our Famous Potatoes & Toast:

Sausage & Cheese: $13.95, Ortega Chili & Jack Cheese: $13.95, Bacon & Cheese: $13.95, 3 Eggs Covered with our own  Homemade Chili con Carne & Cheese: $13.95, Spinach & Jack Cheese: $13.95, Denver with Ham, Cheese, Onions, Bell Peppers: $14.95

Make Your Own Omelette, Start @ $8.00 then add these extra items:

Bay Shrimp: $6.95, Lox: $6,95, Fresh Mushrooms: $3.00, Fresh Spinach: $3.00, Add’l Meat Item: $4.00, Sour Cream: $1.50, Avocado: $3.95, Zucchini: $1.50, Tomatoes: $2.00, Onions: $1.50, Bell Peppers: $2.00, Olives: $2.00, Jalapenos: $2.00, Cheddar Cheese: $2.00


Cereals Fruit and Sides

Cereals Fruit and Sides

Fresh Strawberry Shortcake:

Golden Pound Cake Topped with Fresh Strawberries & Whipped Cream: $5.95

Funnel Cake:

Delicious Free-Form Lattice Patterns of Dough Cooked in Oil until Browned & Topped with Powered Sugar: $5.95 Topped with Fresh Strawberries & Whipped Cream: Add $4.00

Extra Large Bowl of Hot Oatmeal:

Served with Brown Sugar, Milk & Raisins: $5.00

Cereals & Fruit:

Bowl of Granola & raisins: $3.50

Dry Cereal served with Milk: $2.50

Large Bowl of Sliced Bananas: $2.50

Half Grapefruit: $2.50

Prunes (7): $2.00

Blueberries: $4.95

Fresh Strawberries: $5.95

Fresh Pineapple (Generous Portion) $5.95

Fresh Peaches (Seasonal) $5.95

Fresh Fruit Bowl (Seasonal Fruits) $7.95

Side Orders:

Side Avocado: $3.95

Yogurt: $2.50

Cottage Cheese: $3.50

Side of Two (2) Eggs: $2.95

Side Lox: $7.95

Corn Beef Hash: $6.95

Canadian Style Bacon: $6.95

Ham Steak (Large Size) $6.95

Bacon or Sausage: $6.95

Burger Patty (Half Pound) $6.95

Portuguese Style Sausage, Sliced & Grilled: $5.95

Polish Style Sausage: $6.95

Our Famous Potatoes: $4.95

French Fries: $3.95

English Muffin & Jam or Toast & Jam: $1.50

Bagel & Cream Cheese: $2.50

Side Tomatoes: $2.50

Side Jalapenos: $2.00

Biscuits & Gravy: $5.95

Side of Gravy $1.50

Side of Dressing: $0.75

Side Beans, Cheese & Chips: $4.95

Try Our Delicious Giant Baked Muffins:

Blueberry, Banana Nut, Maple Apple Crumb: $2.50